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GSL minor soccer results for week of July 9

sean Jul 17, 2018 - 12:28pm

U12 girls
North Lancaster 2 vs. Alexandria 1
Vankleek Hill/Dunvegan 2 vs. Alexandria 0
Maxville 1 vs. Char-Lan A 0
Char-Lan B 2 vs. Vankleek Hill/Dunvegan 1

U12 Boys
Char-Lan A 9 vs. Vankleek Hill 1 
Alexandria Spartans 3 vs. Alexandria Avengers 1 
Maxville 7 vs. Laggan/GS 1
Maxville 8 vs. Vankleek Hill 0
Laggan/GS/Vankleek Hill 1 vs. Char-Lan B 0

U14 Girls

Alexandria Flames 2 vs. Alexandria Devils 1
Laggan 4 vs. Char-Lan 0
Vankleek Hill 4 vs. Maxville 0
Dunvegan 5 vs. Char-Lan A 0
Alexandria 3 vs. Dunvegan 1
Maxville 2 vs. Laggan 0
Char-Lan A 3 vs. Char-Lan B 2
Vankleek Hill 1 vs. Alexandria Flames 0

U14 Boys
Maxville 5 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0
Dunvegan 8 vs. Vankleek Hill 0 
Alexandria 4 vs. Char-Lan 4 

U16 Girls 
Maxville/Dunvegan 4 vs. Char-Lan 3
Alexandria 2 vs. Vankleek Hill 1

U16 Boys
Maxville Celtics 8 vs. Maxville Highlanders 0
Char-Lan 8 vs. Vankleek Hill 0

U19 Girls
Char Lan 2 vs. Maxville 0
Vankleek Hill 5 vs. Greenfield 1

Tier 2 men's soccer: Char-Lan blanks Glen Nevis

sean Jul 17, 2018 - 11:53am

In July 9 GSL tier 2 men's soccer action, Char-Lan shut out Glen Nevis 3-0, on goals from Gareth Pye, Paul Gauthier, and Don Desgrosseilliers.

A July 3 contest saw Dunvegan prevail 4-1 over Glen Sandfield. Scoring for the winning side were Justin Racine, Mathieu Girard, Colin Papineau, and David Spacek, while Hamish MacLeod had the lone tally the other way.

Extreme heat policy postpones Monday night minor soccer

sean Jul 17, 2018 - 11:49am

Last night (July 16), the Glengarry Soccer League's extreme heat policy came into effect again, forcing the postponement/cancellation of a slate of scheduled minor matches, affecting all 6:30 p.m. starts in the U10 boys, U10 girls, U14 boys, and U19 girls divisions. Games with 8:30 p.m. starts went ahead, as did action in the ERSL (Glengarry Hearts).

GSL minor soccer results from last week

sean Jul 10, 2018 - 11:51am

The July 11 edition of The Glengarry News includes details on Glengarry Soccer League results from the senior men's, senior women's, tier 2 men's, U19 girls, and U16 girls divisions. Unfortunately, we did not have space for other minor results. These are posted here.

U12 girls

Maxville 3 vs. Laggan/GS 0
Char-Lan 1 vs. North Lancaster 0
VKH/Dunvegan B 1 vs. VKH/Dunvegan A 0
Char-Lan A 4 vs. Alexandria 0

U12 boys

Char-Lan 2 A vs. Laggan/GS 0
Alexandria Spartans 5 vs. Char-Lan B 1

U14 boys

Dunvegan 8 vs. Char-Lan 0
Alexandria 5 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 1
Maxville 2 vs. Vankleek Hill 0

U14 Girls

Alexandria Devils 4 vs. Char-Lan A 0
Char-Lan B 2 vs. Maxville 0
Dunvegan 2 vs. Vankleek Hill 1

U16 boys

Char-Lan 7 vs. Maxville 0
Laggan/Glen Sandfield 3 vs. Vankleek Hill 0
Char-Lan 2 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0 

ICYMI: full slate of GSL soccer games on tap for Sunday

sean Jul 8, 2018 - 1:14pm

In an effort to make up matches postponed from earlier in the week due to extreme heat, the Glengarry Soccer League has been trying to make them up over the course of the weekend.

Tonight, July 8, there are youth matches at the U10 boys, U10 girls, U14 boys, and U19 girls levels, as well as tier 2 men's.

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest in the GSL regular season.

We will have more details in the next edition of The Glengarry News.

Soccer returns to county fields for busy Friday night

sean Jul 6, 2018 - 5:58pm

Usually a quiet night on area soccer pitches, this week will be decidedly busier as the Glengarry Soccer League strives to catch up on some matches postponed due to extreme heat in recent days.

The youth action tonight, July 6, includes games in U12 boys, U14 girls, and U16 boys divisions.

For the adults, there's a senior women's match on the Dunvegan field, featuring Laggan and Vankleek Hill, at 8:30 p.m.

Also at that time, there are two senior men's games on tap. In Greenfield, the hosts will entertain Glen Sandfield, while on the Lochiel field, McCrimmon and Dunvegan will be playing. 

More games this weekend

Saturday night, usually an off night, will have U14 girls and U16 boys games

Sunday evening features U10 boys, U10 girls, U14 boys, U19 girls, and tier 2 men's matches.

Extreme heat forces GSL to postpone Thursday night youth soccer

sean Jul 5, 2018 - 1:36pm

For the second straight night, and third evening of the last four, the Glengarry Soccer League is having to postpone/cancel scheduled youth soccer matches due to extreme heat.

Here's today's announcement:

The Glengarry Soccer League has decided, in the interest of the safety of our members, to cancel the 6:30pm games for Thursday, July 5th, 2018 due to the extreme heat. All U8 games are cancelled. All of the U14G games are being rescheduled.

ERSL, GSL youth soccer matches for July 4 postponed

sean Jul 4, 2018 - 1:17pm

Both the Glengarry Soccer League and East Regional Soccer League have announced that youth matches scheduled for tonight will be postponed due to the extreme heat.

For the GSL, this affects games in the U6, U12 boys, and U16 boys divisions. 

At this time, GSL U19 girls, tier 2 women's, and senior men's games are still on – all slated for 8:30 p.m. starts. 

For details on the Glengarry Soccer League's extreme heat game postponement/cancellation guidelines, please see this post.

Glengarry Soccer League announces extreme heat policy to guide game cancellations

sean Jul 4, 2018 - 1:12pm

Today, the Glengarry Soccer League announced is extreme heat guidelines to clarify when scheduled youth and adult matches will be postponed and/or cancelled.

Read more about the policy here in Sports Extra. We will also post further announcements on matches cancelled/postponed, as details become available.

Glengarry Soccer League publishes extreme heat game-cancellation policy

sean Jul 4, 2018 - 12:47pm

Today, the Glengarry Soccer League announced its extreme heat policy, as a guideline to when scheduled youth and adult soccer games will be postponed and/or cancelled.

Monday (July 2) saw all matches scrubbed due to the hot, humid weather conditions, with the intention of these games all being rescheduled to play on Sunday (Jule 8). See this week's edition of The Glengarry News for more details.

Last evening, conditions moderated somewhat, allowing scheduled games to proceed.

Here are the GSL extreme heat guidelines: 

The Glengarry Soccer League will reschedule games league-wide for U10 and older, if the humidex for Alexandria, according to Environment Canada (, is 35 degrees or higher during game time.

The league will post / e-mail by 5 p.m. in regards to the 6:30 p.m. / 7 p.m. kick-offs, if the projection is 35 degrees or higher for 7 p.m.

The league will post / e-mail by 7 p.m. in regards to the 8:30 p.m. kick-offs, if the projection is 35 degrees or higher for 9 p.m.

The league may make the call to reschedule games earlier in the day if the humidex is going to be significantly higher than 35 degrees.

For games that start on the half hour, we will use the next available projected rating to determine if the game is on. For example, a 6:30 p.m. kick-off time will use the 7 p.m. projected humidex rating to determine whether the game will or will not be played.

U8 games will cancelled and not rescheduled, as there are no official standings or playoffs in the U8 divisions.

U6 will be left to the discretion of the area reps as to what temperature they would like to cancel their sessions at and can be done prior to 5 p.m.

Games that are to be rescheduled will be moved to the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the week of cancellations. If teams are unable to play on the rescheduled date, the coach is asked to let the GSL know ASAP that they will have to unfortunately forfeit.

The Glengarry Soccer League would like to thank you for your patience and consideration on this issue. We want to remind our players and officials to keep well-hydrated on game days. If you feel that it is unsafe for your child to play, please notify your child's coach; the GSL will leave that up to the parents' discretion.